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authenticity myluxurybargain

My Luxury Bargain promises you only 100% authentic and stunning luxury products. This is why our in-house professionals and our authentication partner – Authenticate First, go through every product individually to ascertain quality that assures blue blood.



Upon the arrival of an item we do a thorough check of the stitching, lettering, embossing, hardware, lining, symmetry, stamping, hologram etc. (Nuts and bolts that go into making a bag are largely consistent per brand. Verifying their consistency is one of the best ways to check for authenticity.)


We then check the date code or serial number to ascertain when and where the bag was made.


To ensure our promise of authenticity; we send detailed pictures of the item to a 3rd party professional authenticator – Authenticate First; an international authenticating agency based in USA.

All items sold on come with a Money Back Guarantee.




Brands sold on my Luxury Bargain are not partnered or affiliated with My Luxury Bargain. We fully cooperate with brands looking to track down the source of counterfeit items, which includes revealing the contact information of consignors submitting counterfeit goods.